RUS Board Meeting Minutes March 28, 2021

1- Race Schedule
Hiawatha -May 15, Clinton – May 30, Georgian – June 13, Kawartha – June 26, Hiawatha – July 3, Hanover – July 17, Dresden – July 18, Georgian – August 1, Grandriver – August 13, Clinton – August 29, Hanover September 11, Leamington – September 26, Flamboro – October 10, Western Fair – October 22 – Final – Top 7, Flamboro – October 31- Consolation next 8, minimum 7 horses
All races subject to the discretion of the race office and that tracks are open.  Would like to see minimum of 6 horse on the gate for each race, Kawartha is a minimum of 7.

2- Sponsorship
Masterfeeds wants to pair up with RUS and be a major sponsor. They have offered to supply every horse that competes in one RUS race with a summer cooler. Each cooler will have Masterfeeds logo on one side and RUS logo on the other. They are also going to supply each rider with a hoody that has “ happy horse happy life” Masterfeeds logo on front and RUS logo on back. They are also going make race numbers similar to what the thoroughbreds wear for us to use at our races if season goes well and we have a final we will discuss further if they will help top up purse money for that race. 

3- Marketing, Website Etc. Sarah is working on a new website that will be launching in April. Also working on mail chimp to build newsletter subscribership. Will be primary method of keeping fans in the loop for race dates, sponsors etc.

4- Fundraisers discussion of new and different fundraisers. Hard to do any at this time with uncertainty of Covid and restrictions. Discussed some new ones that we could start in the fall for taking fun’s for next year. We should possible do a pepperettes fundraiser when possible 

5- Business Plan Was discussed and what we want RUS to look like in 5 years. This will be an ongoing project through our season with the hopes to find our new vision and create and new plan for our future 

6- Other Discussion of new riders and horses. A few riders needing horses to ride and trying to connect them with trainers. 

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