RUS Board Meeting Minutes February 21, 2021

Present:Steve Palermo, Robert Coole, Marielle Enberg, Pam Forgie, Sarah Cuthbertson, Julie Walker, Jeff Hunt, Britt Kennedy
Next meeting:2:30 via zoom
  1. Financials
  2. Review of the year (2020)

-wagering numbers, number of riders, top horses

-need to clarify all this information. Bobby had some information but needed to go over everything and get exact numbers – could start to graph all RUS years information

– need to start a chart to show total wagering numbers since wagering start.

New Riders

-need to get new riders out riding with more experienced riders to do one on one training

-need horses for new riders to start on

-get rules out to the new riders

– post new on facebook page “everything standardbreds” looking for horses for new riders to exercise

Schedule for next season (2021)

-Ian suggested a schedule***

-Hanover has asked to do a RUS race with the Ladies Driver Challenge. Dresden as well?

-contacting racetracks for a rough schedule

– can sponsor money be added???*** NEED TO LOOK INTO THIS! Talk to Ontario Racing about added money… do we need to do a proposal


– Sarah C has started a page on the new website

  1. Business Plan
  2. Everyone goes over the business plan and start brain storming to update the old business plan
  3. Add and revise
  4. Deadline would ideally be April 2021
  5. Ideas to think about… riding pacers, riding at Mohawk, updating licensing,

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