Harlequin Racing Under Saddle Award

Every year RUS Ontario presents the annual Harlequin Racing Under Saddle Award at Western Fair Raceway annual Awards Banquet.  This years recipient was veteran RUS horse Massive Muscles.  Massive Muscles is a 10-year-old gelding who has been competing in Under Saddle races since 2015. Massive Muscles who is well known in the RUS community as “Clyde” is owned by Julie Walker and currently under a “very long-term” lease to Trainer/Rider Pam Forgie. Massive Muscles started his career at 2 and made over $100 000 in the Ontario Sire Stakes program. From there he continued to compete in overnight races and RUS races until he was side lined with an injury in 2017.  After a couple failed attempts to bring Massive Muscles back to the races a decision was made to have Clyde move on to a career as a Roadster.  Unfortunately, this was not successful and after some time and unfortunate circumstances Clyde came back into Julie’s care.  Reluctant to let Clyde go again, but knowing he need something to do, Julie and /Bert decided to do the  lease agreement with Pam Forgie so that she have and try racing under saddle. In 2019 Pam spent some time with Clyde and he was back at the races and competing in RUS  and over nights once more.  Over the years, Clyde has had 8 different riders compete or qualify with him, along with many more riders who have come out to ride him as their first introduction to RUS and see if it might be of interest to them.  Over at the last two years Pam has made Clyde available to help fill qualifiers and for riders to fulfil their qualifying obligations.  Clyde and Pam are busy training for their upcoming season with a hope to have a great season.

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